Top 5 Reasons to Visit Perth

So I know I’m two or three countries behind, but I’m finally more on the move and able bodied! As I have talked about before, learning and reacting to life lessons can teach you about yourself. I have really had to rely on myself, but also learn to let people take care of me. I have been in the provider mode for four plus years, so it’s difficult to let someone else take control. I’m also quite hard-headed and want to prove people wrong when they say I’m going to fail at something or I’ll find something difficult.

This leads me to Perth, Australia, many people told me not to go there. Even some Australians, who had never been, asked me why would I go there? It’s so far from everything and there’s not too much to do! Oh how they were wrong! This should be a reminder to everyone, do not listen to someone who hasn’t been there about where you travel. Figure it out for yourself, you just may fall in love like I did! Since I love lists, here is my top 5 reasons to visit the lovely city of Perth!


Well of course I’d start off with my favorite thing! Ha! Although Melbourne is known as being the foodie center of Australia, there’s still magnificent eateries on the west coast! Some of the greatest wines from Australia come from Margaret’s River which is about a two hour drive from Perth city. Although I didn’t make the drive there, I still got to try several different wines and they were excellent!

Margaret River wine at Clancey’s Fish Bar


I pride myself on getting out and trying the local cuisines, and I so desperately wanted to try kangaroo! It was just too expensive in the restaurants, so I bought some kangaroo meat in burger form and had my friend fry it up on the barbie…let me tell you, it was the most delicious and juicy burger I’ve ever had in my life! Now some of you may be cringing but don’t knock it till you try it!

I absolutely fell in love with this decadent sponge cake covered in chocolate and coconut called lamington! You can find it in the bakery area at the local market or they serve it in some restaurants. For someone who doesn’t even care for chocolate, I sure did have my fair share of those delicious lamington squares!

Another unique food I had to try is fairy bread! It’s literally buttered bread with “hundreds and thousands” which is the Australian term for sprinkles, but it’s so good and very festive! When I asked where this delicious treat originated from, I wasn’t given a straight answer but everyone told me they grew up with this as a birthday treat. I almost equate it to a funfetti cake that at age 30, I would still go crazy over. Apparently you never outgrow fairy bread, as well as you shouldn’t!




For those that know me, one of my favorite cuisines of all time is Mexican, and guess who was able to find a tequila bar in Perth? Oh yeah! I found out about a new tequila bar, called El Grotto that just opened and it did not fail my expectations! The nightlife on a Sunday night astounded me! I kept wondering how these people were going to make it to work the next day! As my host told me, they were not worried about the next day, but just living right here in the moment!  I know that philosophy is something I need to work on.

I mostly stayed in the Scarborough Beach area, so it was nice to see all the beach bars lined up. You could go for dinner and watch the sunset and then bar hop. You can expect 80s rock to 90s rap to modern day pop music. Nobody in these bars sit down for long as the DJ keeps the crowd going. I can see how you just focus on the present when you just saw a hot, perfect Perth sunset with a cold drink in your hand! What’s not to love?


Just as I mentioned, Perth has some perfect sunsets! I lived for the sunsets in Perth, just so beautiful! Different shades of red, pink, purple, and yellows, just gorgeous! Looking at a perfect Perth sunset just reminded me that there is a God, who else could’ve created this? Where I stayed at in Scarborough Beach I had the option to walk 250 meters to the beach or just sit on the couch and look out the window to view the sunsets! I would just stare at them in awe.


Perfect Perth sunset

I loved the beach in Scarborough! You could see to the bottom and there was no trash in the water. I felt safe enough to leave my beach bag behind so I could walk along the shore and into the ocean. Mullaloo beach is also another beautiful beach, but you have to visit early in the morning so you can avoid the high winds in the afternoon. City beach has a very cool atmosphere with a huge open amphitheater that you can sit in and watch the sunset over the beach, then walk on over to that tequila bar I talked about! 😉


I am one that loves the heat, so if you are like me you’d love all 100+ degree weather in Perth. I was there during their summer season, and everyday was at least 90+ degrees! The summers back home in Ohio can be a bit sweltering hot, but nothing like a Perth summer! Australia is so close to the equator and lacks a decent ozone layer, I used a whole bottle of sunscreen. Thankfully the heat was a dry heat, much like what you could find in Vegas or Phoenix. There was little to no humidity, which makes the heat somewhat tolerable. Thankfully I packed tons of dri-fit clothing for this trip, because I have been chasing the heat and summer since I left Ohio in December!


Last and certainly not least, the people are part of my top 5 favorite things about Perth! I was still relying on my crutches when I initially got to Perth, so I had to cancel my 10-hour bus trip that was going to take me to Coral Bay. I was deeply saddened that I had to do that, but it tuned out to be a blessing in disguise! People in Perth are very proud of where they’re from and live! Now I’m the kind of person that knows no stranger, but almost everybody I met had some knowledge to offer or would ask if I needed help.

My first week in Perth I met a Swedish couple who had recently moved to Perth on a holiday working visa. They saw my struggle and immediately came to my rescue! They offered to take me around Perth and grocery shopping, I was so overwhelmed with their kindness and generosity. I had to learn to put my pride to the side once again and accept their kind offerings. As they were learning their way around Perth, I also got to explore with them. Katarina was adamant that I walk properly on my crutches so I didn’t cause any further injuries, and prepared healthy home remedies to reduce inflammation in my foot. My sweet Swedish couple even drove me to the hospital, to double check my progress! Who does that?

I kept wondering how I could get so lucky to keep meeting wonderful people like Pontus and Katarina, and I realized it wasn’t luck but a blessing from God! I was able to see parts of Perth that I may not have been able to without them! They may not have been native to Perth, but it’s people like them that continue to restore my faith in humanity. The people of Perth make this city worthwhile in checking out! Don’t believe someone when they tell you a place is too far away or there’s nothing to do there, you just may be surprised at what you find! Me? I found a lifelong friendship that I will always treasure, and perfect Perth sunsets while drinking Margaret River wine!

Have you been to a destination that someone tried to discourage you from going?

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  1. Kim Rhodes

    Ashley, I am so proud of you. Take it all in. You will remember these places and people for the rest of your life. God has truly blessed you. Love you and stay safe. Aunt Kim

  2. Very descriptive and detailed. Feels like we are all there with you. I definitely will be reading all your posts.

  3. Oh my goodness! Love the pictures of the beach and sunset!!! Take care and keep the updates coming ! Love you my friend!!! Miss that smile , it is great to see it in pictures atleast 🙂

  4. Aunt Wanda

    This was wonderful to read, Ashley. Thanks for the terrific description of Perth and the interesting, positive things you found there.

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  6. Good read! Sometimes the not as popular spots end up being the best!! I’m thinking about adding Australia to my 2016 travel bucket list so will keep this in mind.

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